Hi, We're Bitmaker Labs

Software isn't stuck in an ugly box under your desk anymore. It's in our cars, in our homes, in our televisions and our pockets. For some of us, it's in our hearts. (If you have a pacemaker, that is.)

In a few years pretty much everything is going to be connected to the internet and it's all going to be running software.

The world needs people to write all that software.

The internet is young and the exciting stuff hasn't even started. When it does, the people who know how to build things will have an advantage over the people who don't. Frankly, they already do.

We want to level the playing field. We think that software is the best way to do it: in code and online we're limited only by the quality of our ideas and the skill with which we bring them to life.

This is why we created Bitmaker Labs. We teach people how to build things with code. We do it in nine weeks.

We hope you'll join us.