Peter Thiel defines secrets as facts about the world that not everyone knows. This is a pretty good working definition. Some secrets are kept deliberately but most aren't--they're just unpopular or get ignored, like global warming. New secrets, big and small, are created all the time. The birth of the internet created tons.

Before the internet if you wanted to send a thing to someone it was slow and expensive. Once you were both online you could send a thing to someone instantly and for free, so long as the thing you were sending was information in the form of text. Later it was pictures. Then music. Meanwhile as more people were joined the internet this secret became widely known.

This was a problem for companies that sold text, pictures, sounds, and eventually videos. Everyone was in on a secret that these companies either didn't know or refused to believe was true. The world had changed into a bigger and more complicated place and they kept choosing to ignore it. It made for a good show.

Having grown up online, we at Bitmaker Labs think that we've spotted a few secrets about the internet and the world--things that are true but not yet known by everyone. One secret is that software is eating the world. Another is that the internet is going to be everywhere. Another is that education, as it exists today, is massively, seriously broken.

This blog is where we share the secrets we discover.