Coding Isn't Hard (Anymore)

Here's a secret: Coding isn't hard anymore. Languages have become simpler and more powerful. Anyone can learn to code.

It used to be that to tell a computer what to do, you had to speak binary. Then, no matter what you wanted to do, you had to do it yourself from the ground up. Even the simplest programs required thousands of lines of code.

But over time computers took on the heavy lifting and were taught to read code that was designed with humans in mind. Today, features that would have taken a lifetime to build a generation ago are just a few keystrokes away.

None of this means that coding is easy or that everyone can become a master programmer. But just because you aren't a master poet doesn't mean you shouldn't write. It's the same with code.

There's no longer a need to solve the big problems in software. Instead, we can use software to solve the big problems in life.