Training Day 2.0

[Yipit]( is doing something awesome: [they’re teaching every employee to code]( I mean _every _employee. Marketers, secretaries, management, accountants, interns. Everyone. Why are they doing this? (And why is it awesome?) Companies speak a bunch of languages. Every company speaks finance, because every company exists to make money. Beyond this standard, some companies speak HR, others speak strategy, others speak customer experience. Yipit is an internet software company, so that means everyone there should be able to speak software. Or better yet, think in terms of software. That means thinking in code. Yipit gets it. What they’re doing makes a lot of sense:
1. Everyone now shares a common language and understands how the product works 2. Everyone has the ability to contribute to the product, meaning it reflects a greater range of skills, expertise, and perspective 3. Everyone can better understand and manage expectations 4. People can solve their own problems instead of asking others help

There’s a lot of upside to the project, but it’s not going to be easy implementing it as the company grows. They have only so many engineers to train their staff. But as people learn to code, they can help teach others and build an ideal curriculum. By turning their codebase into a common platform for all employees, Yipit is empowering their employees.

But this may not be practical for all: Larger companies (and smaller startups!) may not have the resources to follow suit, no matter the potential upside.

This is another reason that we think Bitmaker Labs is going to grow into an incredible and valuable institution. As more companies look to enrich their employees with a powerful new way to communicate and solve business problems, we’ll be happy to lend a hand. Both Yipit and Bitmaker Labs understand that anyone can learn to code, and that everyone should. The employee of the future should be able to use code as a tool to solve their business problems, whatever they may be. It’s our job to put that tool in their hands and give them the skill and confidence to use it.