From Lawyering in Zurich to Coding in Toronto

Coding is a passion that every Bitmaker Lab student shares; it is what brought everyone from all walks of life together for 9 weeks. However, each student has their own unique story that brought them here. Bitmaker Labs Inside will shed light on each student’s story.


*          Name:* Jonas

*          Ex-Profession:* Lawyer

*          Age:* 30

*          Hometown:* Zurich, Switzerland


When did you realize you wanted to learn to code?

I’ve been interested in web-based businesses for a long time, mainly from a commercial and societal perspective. Although I somewhat enjoyed lawyering, I realized that my true passion might lie in a different field when I noticed that my daily reading routine consisted almost entirely of technology-related blogs. In the months before I quit my job, I felt that I wasn't learning as much as I had in the beginning, and that I would really enjoy being exposed to a completely different mindset. This revelation ultimately resulted in me quitting my job a couple of months ago and taking some time off in order to travel and make a clear career break.

Why did you choose Bitmaker Labs?

The more I thought about my desire to pursue a new life in technology, the more I felt that if I wanted to be serious about this whole career change, I would need a solid technical basis. Whereas a lot of programming courses in Europe cater to coding novices wanting to learn a new hobby rather than to people seriously committing to a new professional life, Bitmaker Labs provides a very comprehensive and intense introduction to programming and does so in a reasonable amount of time, thus perfectly corresponding to my needs.

How has the transition from Zurich to Toronto been?

I like Toronto so far. I’ve realized it was a good decision to change cities because it has really allowed me to immerse myself in coding. So far, I’ve noticed that Toronto has a very open tech community; everyone wants to ensure that you succeed in the program. It wasn’t something I particularly thought would be beneficial when I was applying, but now I realize it was an important step.

How do you find Bitmaker Labs so far?

I feel a very positive dynamic has evolved within the group this past week. Everyone is hard working and supportive. The first week has been quite intense, and has really allowed me to solidify what I learnt in the prep course. I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks. A little nervous, but more excited.