The Next Generation of Gesture Control

MYO is a wearable gesture control armband that connects via bluetooth to Smartphones, PC's and other electronics. It uses sensors and machine-learning technology to detect electrical activity in your muscles. As a result, users will be able control the screen through gestures they make with their hand.

Sample applications of the technology include being able to manipulate and edit slide presentations remotely. Users could also control wireless devices with the MYO armband — like for instance, the Sphero gaming ball. In the future, the team hopes to enable control of gadgets like the Google Glass without actually touching the display.

MYO was developed by a Y Combinator-backed startup called Thalmic Labs. It was founded by University of Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering graduates Aaron Grant, Matthey Bailey and Stephen Lake. They were interested in wearable computing and realized that companies like Google weren't putting enough emphasis on it since they were more focused towards heads-up display technology. So they set out and built the MYO.

Thalmic Labs has already managed to get over 10,000 pre-orders in just two days of availability. Priced at $149, it means the company has already secured $1.5 Million in revenues. With $1.1 Million in funding, looks like the company is already on the path to high growth.

There are less than 5000 pre-order quantities remaining. So if you're interested in getting your hands on one, head over to MYO.

Expected Release to Consumers: Late 2013

Expected Price: Approx. $149