From Filmmaking in New York to Coding in Toronto

Coding is a passion that every Bitmaker Labs student shares; it is what brought everyone from all walks of life together for 9 weeks. However, each student has their own unique story that brought them here. Bitmaker Labs Inside will shed light on each student’s story.


*  Name:* Matt

*  Ex-Profession:* Filmmaker

*  Age:* 24

*  Hometown:* New Hartford, New York


When did you realize you wanted to learn to code?

I am a person with a lot of ideas. I was able to think about how I want applications to look. I was able to visualize the user experience. But most importantly, I felt that I had ideas for apps my friends would use and that I would use. The only catch was that I had no idea how to turn the ideas into reality.

Every time I hired someone, it was a miserable experience. I wanted to take control of my ideas and just make them. That's when I realized I needed to know how to code. I needed a way to take my ideas and make them real.

Why did you choose Bitmaker Labs?

I came across Bitmaker Labs mostly by accident. I was surfing Hacker News one day and came across a post talking about programming bootcamps. I figured an intensive experience would help me learn what I needed to. Bitmaker seemed to have a more holistic education as well. They accepted me - and here I am.

How has the transition from New York to Toronto been?

The transition to Toronto for me was easy. I've been lucky enough to live in a lot of great cities. Toronto seems to be pretty cool. The people definitely seem more approachable here. Usually when I buy a product I give the cashier money, they give me the product, end of transaction. In Toronto, people usually start a quick conversation. It's an interesting experience. I need to explore the city more. I know the bike route from my apartment to Bitmaker - but that's about all I know so far.

How do you find Bitmaker Labs so far?

Bitmaker Labs has been an insane experience. Four weeks ago I couldn't code out a website. Today I was integrating localized storage of uploaded images into a photosharing application that I built from the ground up. You don't know what you're capable of until you put your head down and go for it. So far, this has been an amazing experience.