From Finance to Coding

Coding is a passion that every Bitmaker Labs student shares; it is what brought everyone from all walks of life together for 9 weeks. However, each student has their own unique story that brought them here. Bitmaker Labs Inside will shed light on each student’s story.


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*  Name: *Christine

*  Ex-Profession:* Finance

*  Age:* 26

*  Hometown:* Toronto, ON



When did you realize you wanted to learn to code?

I realized I wanted to code through a moment of self-discovery. While I value my profession, what I was looking for was more creativity. I began to explore web development by taking some online courses in my spare time. After that initial exposure, the realization that I wanted to continue on this learning path was immediate. To me, learning to code is about finding creative ways to solve problems and that was exactly what I was looking for. Through this experience, I hope to combine these two words in my future career path.

Why did you choose Bitmaker Labs?

After deciding that learning to code was an avenue I was going to take seriously, I began looking for education that went beyond online courses but didn't demand the financial commitment of a University or College. Bitmaker Labs met these criteria perfectly and it was an environment that welcomed and provided support for newbies like myself.

How has the transition from Finance to Coding been?

When you find genuine interest in something, becoming engrossed in its intricacies happens fairly naturally and as it appears, this has happened to me! Because of this, the transition has been fairly transparent. If I were to call out one significant difference between learning finance/accounting vs. learning web development, it would be the liberty one has to break things. We're encouraged to experiment and to learn by understanding through mistakes and exploring alternative solutions. So far, this nature of learning has really helped solidify concepts.

Any tips for people looking to switch careers?

Having not yet completed the transition I'll do my best here. Testing the waters first is always a good idea (taking free online courses and talking to people in the industry). For me, really understudying my motives upfront (the ones that led me to this course) definitely helped me later down the road as the material got increasingly challenging. For those who have interest, I think that even if it's not to switch careers, learning this material is a great way to stretch your mind and that's never a bad thing.