The Floating Silicon Valley

Concept Vessel

Imagine having a startup in Silicon Valley, without the restrictions of a U.S. work visa.

Blueseed is a Silicon Valley based startup that aims to create a startup community on-board a vessel stationed in international waters near the Half Moon Bay.

The startup will allow non-U.S. entrepreneurs to work on ventures while living in close proximity to Silicon Valley with the easier to obtain tourist visa to make trips to the mainland. Successful startups will have the opportunity to be funded by top notch VCs and relocate to the valley upon success.

Blueseed plans to either convert a cruise ship or a barge in order to accomodate about 1000 entrepreneurs. It will have world class working space and entertainment facilities. The rent will range from $1200 to $3000 and will be combined with an equity stake similar to accelerators. Blueseed will be stationed 12 miles from the coast of Silicon Valley and will be located in the contagious zone outside territorial waters of the United States. International bodies such as the UN will have no jurisdiction as long as Blueseed does not engage in the exploitation of natural resources, and exhibits no intent of infringing on the customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws and regulations of the United States.

The startup already has the attention of investors such as Peter Thiel, who is an active investor in The Seasteading Institute. Blueseed currently has about $9 Million in funding and will be operational in 2014 granted they raise $18 Million more. In addition to investments, the startup has received interest from 1291 entrepreneurs from 402 startups in 67 countries.


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