From Professional Baseball to Coding

Coding is a passion that every Bitmaker Labs student shares; it is what brought everyone from all walks of life together for 9 weeks. However, each student has their own unique story that brought them here. Bitmaker Labs Inside will shed light on each student’s story.

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Name: Tommy

Ex-Profession: Baseball

Age: 33

Hometown: New York City

When did you realize you wanted to learn code?

I pretty much exhausted the bulk of educational options in my field and I certainly wasn't going  to drop a small fortune on a master's degree. I've always been very athletic, highly competitive, and all about the next challenge in life, but most of my "real world" opportunities turned out to be major let downs. Late last year, I stumbled across a documentary highlighting alternative forms of education and my interest was piqued. Being that I've always strayed off the beaten path in life, this was a no brainer for me.

Why did you choose Bitmaker Labs?

I chose Bitmaker Labs because Toronto is truly a world class city that has everything a person could ever want. Also, I regret the fact that I've never took advantage of an opportunity to study abroad. Now, I know the states aren't too far away, but Canada is indeed a different country so this would have to count. On top of that, if I was going to be serious about programming, then I had to completely dedicate myself to the process and being away from home allows me to focus more.

*How has the switch from professional sports to coding been? *

The transition out of professional sports into anything else has never been easy. That said, learning to code has breathed a bit of new life back into my bones. I know it sounds funny, but both professions actually do have something in common. They both require a given skill, they both take tons of hard work and dedication, and you're treated like a rock star if you reach a certain level of success. From what I can tell at this point, programming provides a new challenge at every turn and no two things are ever the same.

How do you find Bitmaker Labs so far?

At this point, I've put in more than 500 hours and I'm not about to stop. There are times when things get really hard, but the good most definitely outweighs the bad. Every day I wake up and I'm so excited to see all the guys from class. There are definitely some very talented people hanging around here, and I feel as if I've learned something from everyone.