What We're Reading: July 22nd Edition


The world Doug Engelbart was trying to create

In 1968, Doug Engelbart presented the “Mother of all Demos”: ninety minutes of forward-looking, human-centered, way-before-their-time software and hardware demos.

Advice for ambitious 19 year olds

No matter what you choose, build stuff and be around smart people.

Clever Hacks Give Google Glass Many Unintended Powers

Stephen Balaban wants to make it possible to do all sorts of things with Glass that Google's designers didn’t have in mind.

Yahoo’s Video Earnings Call: A Sign Of Good/Terrible Things To Come

In five years time, the novelty of seeing the faces of company executives as they deliver results via a web video chat will seem as dated as the 2008-era novelty speaking to customers via Twitter seems today. Everyone will be doing it.