Bit by Bit - Bitmaker's First Student-Led Podcast

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"Hi, welcome to Bit By Bit. This is our podcast with the students of the August 2013 student cohort. Here we have Omar, Brian, Kim and Andrew."

Bitmaker Labs proudly announces the premiere of the Bit by Bit podcast, a project entirely thought up, created and produced by some of the students of the August cohort. The debut episode features conversations on the diverse backgrounds of the cohort, their ideas on judging happiness vs. success in the early stages of their careers, and the struggles of finding the courage to "take the plunge" into the world of coding.

"We're going to try to do this to chronicle the decisions leading up to us joining Bitmaker, the process of being at Bitmaker, as well as what we're learning, what we're hoping to learn, and what we're hoping to do afterwords."

Special thanks to Bitmaker student Andrew Kong for running the technical side of the podcast.  Andrew hosts his own podcast called "About TO: Inspirations and Motivations", covering interesting people and their successes. You can find it here:]