Meet our student events & blog team leads: Stella & Graham!

We are pleased to introduce two very exciting additions to the Bitmaker Labs student content team. Stella Kim and Graham Lavender of the October 2013 cohort have joined us in an effort to bring even more interesting and useful content straight to our Bitmaker community. Stella will be acting as our official Lead Events Correspondent and Graham will be taking on the Student Blog Team Lead role. If you see them at an event or would like to add something to our blog, feel free to reach out to Stella and Graham!

Here is a little more about our two fantastical Bitmakers:

IMG_9405Stella Kim:

With experience in a small business environment, as well as a merchandising internship at Kobo, Stella experienced first-hand the catalytic influence of technology on both new and old industries. This South Korean born and Toronto raised Bitmaker, is driven to create new solutions to existing problems or unmet needs. From the earliest years playing with Lego to writing web applications today, Stella is a perpetual builder and designer.

“From digital marketing, big data, to social media platforms and other advances in technology, programming is becoming the essential skill to understand, create, and execute a viable product in the marketplace. From small businesses and startups to industry giants, understanding your market, product, and back-end management system each requires programmers. I'm learning to become a web developer because I want to be part of the solution. A solution that's built in tandem with feedback to achieve what needs to evolve or must be radically restructured from the grounds-up.” - Stella

Main Goals: Lean Code, Clean Design, Keen Insight.

Connect with Stella:

IMG_9406Graham Lavender

After working as a librarian with a particular interest in library technology, Graham recently took the plunge to become a web developer as a member of the Bitmaker Labs October 2013 cohort. The born and bred Torontonian studied Psychology at the University of British Columbia as well as Library and Information Studies at McGill University.

He has always marvelled at the potential of the web, and now at Bitmaker Labs he is gaining the skills to make his own dent in the technological universe. Graham feels fortunate to have this opportunity to combine his natural curiosity with his affinity for problem solving in his hometown. When not saving the world through code, he enjoys drinking fine Darjeeling tea and spending time with his wonderful librarian wife and his occasionally affectionate cat.

"I think it's exciting that after nearly two decades of ubiquitous web access, people are still finding innovative new ways to connect with each other online. It's clear that we are nowhere near reaching the full potential of the web. New hardware, greater bandwidth, and faster processors will help, but there is also room for using the existing infrastructure in new ways; consider Wikipedia, which transformed the way we access and share information without any great technological demands placed on the end user. How can we better interact with friends, co-workers, clients, customers, decision makers, constituents? And how can we make these interactions as seamless as possible? I'm proud to be part of an industry that is providing solutions to these challenges." - Graham

Main Goals:
1. Change the world through code.
2. Push the boundaries of the web.
3. Be an active participant and leader in the developer community.

Connect with Graham: