Paul Osman at Bitmaker Labs

Paul Osman from the platform team at SoundCloud was here at Bitmaker Labs a few weeks ago to talk about developing software, company culture, and of course everything SoundCloud. Prior to SoundCloud, Paul worked at Perforce, FreshBooks, and most recently Mozilla. He joined the SoundCloud team in February of 2012.

Since launching in 2008 SoundCloud has grown to a staff of 200, while reaching over 200,000,000 users every month. That’s approximately 14.2 BILLION user interactions with SoundCloud in some shape or form since the company launched six years ago.

Paul’s Tips For New Programmers:
1) Don’t just learn a language, get good at learning.
2) Adapt quickly.
3) Apply concepts.
3) Study how software is developed and deployed.
4) Dev tools - learn to love them.

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