Rails, Brews, Ruby: Bitmakers at Rails Pub Night

On Monday, November 18, a significant group of Bitmakers attended Rails Pub Nite at the Rhino. RPN is a monthly social event organized by Unspace, who welcome "everyone interested in web development" to join in, and since Bitmaker Lead Instructor Julie Haché is a former Unspacer, she encouraged the current cohort to participate. She also introduced us to some fantastic members of the local dev community, which was much appreciated.

The premise of the event is that recruiters and others looking to hire developers are each given two minutes to talk about the company they represent and the type of people they're looking for. In return for two minutes of the group's attention, they must buy a round of drinks for everyone. Many of us who come from industries where job postings are rare were somewhat shocked to see demand for developers is so high that recruiters will actually buy you drinks if you'll listen to them talk about job opportunities!

[caption id="attachment_1607" align="aligncenter" width="525"]Graham & Jamie at Rails Pub Night Graham & Jamie at Rails Pub Night[/caption]

One person who pitched the crowd was Jamie Pichora, owner of GelaSkins Inc., a company that works with artists to produce skins and cases for phones, laptops, and more. I was particularly impressed to learn that they do all of their work in-house at their office in the Junction, even down to creating the final products. Later in the evening I spoke to Jamie, who had announced that they were looking for full stack developers to increase the size of their staff (currently at 30 developers, designers, and others) and continue to grow the business. He told me about how the company got started 8 years ago, before the iPhone existed; at the time, most of their business was focused on allowing people to customize their iPods. I asked whether they were planning to hire any junior devs (preferably in early January), and he said they're always looking for good people at all levels, and that we should check out their jobs page.

I would highly recommend this event to any developers interested in (mostly) non-technical conversation with like-minded individuals; as the name implies, most attendees are Rails developers, but I'm sure others would enjoy it as well. It won't be happening in December, but go ahead and put January 20 in your calendar now, and I'll see you there.

For more info on Rails Pub Nite, visit Unspace and scroll down.

by Graham Lavender