Say “Hello” to the October 2013 Cohort Bit By Bit Student Podcast Team!

Next week we’ll be releasing our first Bit By Bit student podcast produced by our October 2013 cohort. In the meantime, say “Hello” to our Bitmakers!

Nola Lacey


Nola started learning code through blogging with HTML and various browser-based MMOs when she was a child, and later attended coding workshops through Ladies Learning Code. She previously studied East Asian Studies, Sociology, and TESOL at the University of Toronto, as well as Intercultural Communication at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys gaming, microblogging, cosmetics, social issues, and spending time with her girlfriend.

“I’m excited to be part of this new podcast and I look forward to talking about learning code with everyone! Programmers have helped us compile our knowledge and expand our networks on a colossal scale. Everyday necessities such as groceries, jobs, education, and the news are now regularly obtained through the web. We have found new ways to explore our passions with e-Readers, music apps, and meet-up groups. We even use code to save lives. I remember during Japan’s tsunami and earthquake disaster in 2011 how Twitter was filled with tweets from people who needed emergency rescue but were unable to phone for help. Twitter users retweeted those messages so that those people could be identified and brought to safety. I was amazed by how quickly people could receive emergency care through the power of social networking. With the brilliant ideas and dedicated work of programmers, we continue to find new ways to simplify and improve our lives and I am excited to be part of these developments.” - Nola Lacey
Matt Miller


Matt is passionate about solving problems and helping others. To date he's executed on this by launching a fundraising platform and helping businesses with online marketing and web design.
Having always been interested in web development, Matt immediately saved up for Bitmaker Labs to begin his journey as a software craftsman. To learn more about Matt and to follow his journey visit Matt's blog.

"No longer will I be bored. Challenging, meaningful work, with a team I can call my friends is what's next for me. I plan on working my ass off to become an amazing developer. There is so much to learn and i love it! A loving wife, good friends and now a career I can't wait to get out of bed is good - really really good :)" - Matt Miller
Anson Poon


Anson graduated from the Honours Life Science program at McMaster University in Hamilton this past summer and has been a keen technophile since he was a kid.

He is driven to build useful user experiences online guided by good design UI/UX principles with sound coding style and practices. “Good design should be an essential part of anything and is especially important in the digital art form of web development.”

Now a member of the growing Bitmaker community, he hopes to gain the skills to bring innovative, useful and aesthetic experiences to users and solve the emergent problems of the 21st century. He believes this is only the first step to a lifelong quest of designing, coding and learning. When he’s not plugged into the code, he enjoys reading a great book or a quiet night in with his best friend, Netflix.

“Someone once said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Programmers are the magicians of our time and with this great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility to create great experiences to democratize technology and make it accessible through good design. Responsibility to solve problems with our skill and knowledge, not just from clients but problems that plague our world and our race as a whole. I believe there is still so much we don’t know and haven’t seen. Discovering the limits of the web means venturing a little outside the box into the impossible and jumping. I want to find those limits and jump.” - Anson Poon
Gowri Nambiar


Prior to Bitmaker Labs, Gowri studied Art and Fashion Design in Chicago and London UK. Travel and adventure has always been a great part of her life. She has lived in and visited some amazing places all over the world. Joining the Bitmaker Labs program was the next obvious step to improve and challenge her approach to design and creating something that hopefully many people find useful. She is fascinated by the use and rise of technologies in fashion and art.

"Art and design is all about creating experiential moments, to interact with the viewer, engage them and extract a positive or even negative reaction. Technology is no longer just being used as a tool for the design process but as part of the spectacle. Over the top displays have been trickling into everyday life with experiments in responsive materials and wearable technology. I look forward to being part of the growing integration for technology fashion and art." - Gowri Nambiar