Bitmakers visit the Uberflip HQ

Last week, several students from the current cohort at Bitmaker Labs + myself, went to visit Uberflip, a Toronto startup focused on delivering flip formatted pages across various computer platforms. We hung out with the Uberflip team and talked about what it’s like to work for a startup company and what one should do if he/ she wants to work for a startup.

Christopher Pape

During lunch, several of the developers spoke about their experiences working at the energetic atmosphere of Uberflip. The common theme was the teamwork needed to develop innovative software. A lone wolf personality would not thrive at Uberflip, or any startup for that matter. Team work is everything. Different viewpoints help generate valuable ideas and suggestions, which in the end help improve products and services. Although one might imagine that the development team was comprised solely of young university graduates, Uberflip has a web development team made up of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and levels of experience. It was very refreshing for all of us to see.

After lunch, we looked at the detailed approach that Uberflip developers take to satisfy requirements of clients such as magazine publishers and university archivists. Seeing how a startup functioned from the inside out was very insightful and helped us understand what it really takes to build and manage a successful startup company. It was heartening to see Uberflip take time out of their hectic day in order to help Bitmaker students gain experience and understanding of the tech/ startup world.

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by Christopher Pape

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