Thinking of learning how to code? Here's how to prepare for Bitmaker Labs.

If you’re thinking about applying to Bitmaker Labs, but are uncertain about what to do next… Be excited! It is going to be a fantastic journey, but one that requires preparation so that you can dive into the coursework head first, starting from Day 1.

From personal experience, here are my tips:

1. Do the pre-work: Seriously, do it! It will help you breeze throughout the first week and make things easier. Focus on the Ruby section because that's the most important one - it will be your foundation for learning Ruby on Rails.

2. Get comfortable with problem-solving; make sure you practise a lot - just studying and lightly going over things will not reinforce concepts. Code and have fun with it!

3. Install and get comfortable Git and Github - do a couple of commits, pushes and pulls, clones and forks.

4. Install iTerm and Sublime Text.

5. Make sure you have Ruby installed.

6. Preferably, try to install Ruby on Rails beforehand, so that you can concentrate on concepts and code when you start to work on Rails projects without getting stuck on the setup.

7. Try to think of creative ways to present your portfolio and resume so that you can implement those ideas when you have the technical skills to match.

8. Try to think of a dream app that you want to build; at the end of the program you will be required to build your own app as part of a group.

That’s it for now! It’s been a blast so far. We’re just wrapping up week 3 of the 9 week program and I cannot wait for final project week to build something interesting and useful.

By IcedTea