Bitmaker Labs invites you to HackerNest Construct: Mind and Motion Hackathon!


Hello Bitmakers and Toronto/ GTA tech community:

We're inviting you to the HackerNest Construct Hackathon!

HackerNest Construct? *What is this sorcery, you ask?*
HackerNest Construct: Mind and Motion Hackathon is a 24-hour programming competition focused on creativity and the innovative use of technology (NOT business plans, commercial viability, or monetization).

The theme?
It’s all about spiffy next-generation interface devices like neural/gesture controls, augmented reality, wearables, tablets, and all the funky stuff you see in futuristic movies.

The prizes?
Oh, just a bunch of cash, some SICK devices (i.e. Myo, Kiwi Move (an AWESOME Bitmaker alum!!), and not-even-released-yet Oculus Rift etc etc) and tons of extra giveaways. No big deal.

Saturday February 22 – Sunday February 23, 2014

Ryerson DMZ (Toronto) - Yonge & Dundas - 10 Dundas Street East, Suite #502.

Why should you come (and bring all your friends)?
It’s an awesome opportunity for you + droves of hackers just like you to get your hands on cutting edge tech, work with crazy-smart people, and generally just create awesome stuff. Need we say more?

*ATTN broke-as-heck students: *
We feel your pain. $10 tix available to get you hacking (just be sure to bring your student ID with you!!) --> Bitmakers + Bitmaker Labs alumni included!

Sound peachy? Put your team together and...


Lots of <3,