Bitmaker Spotlight: Kareem Kwong

Kareem was born and raised in Toronto. He's currently finishing up his bachelor's degree in marketing at the University of Toronto. Before Bitmaker Labs, Kareem was an intern at the Death Star (Microsoft), where he worked directly with startups and students through managing the Microsoft BizSpark and DreamSpark programs. Out of all the places he has visited, his favourite are cities are New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, where the energy and movement is electrifying. He hopes to find time to backpack across Europe soon. The three trends that interest him the most in the technology space right now are The Internet of Things, Mobile Advertising and anything to do with Tesla & SpaceX.
**Fav quote: **
I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself. - Elon Musk
**Fun Kareem Facts:**
- Favourite Pixar movie is Finding Nemo
- 80 year old grandpa used to beat him in tennis
- Terrible at platformers
**Hobbies & Interests: **
Video Games, Tennis, Basketball, Books, Movies
**Beyond Bitmaker Labs: **
Besides the usual goals, like working as a software developer for some cool tech companies and building his own startup, Kareem's eventual plan is to move back to Hong Kong and be a big part of developing the tech ecosystem there. Who knows what impact he will have on the startup scene there, but we expect great things.
**Greatest Achievement: **
Like Mark Zuckerberg, you might say that Kareem is sort of a prodigy. When he was younger he would spend hours playing a MMORPG called Runescape, and spend even more time discussing the game on a popular fan-site with other nerds from around the globe. At 11, he achieved virtual immortality by publishing a highly influential strategy guide,  under the pseudonym "Solar", which you can still read [here](
**Favourite Productivity Tools:**
[Todoist]( - A powerful to-do list that helps me manage my tasks and prioritize my time. Plus it's beautiful!
[Evernote]( - Pretty self explanatory. Lets me keep notes and access them from anywhere!
[Digg Reader]( - My RSS replacement for Google Reader, check it out! This isn't the Digg you remember.
**Connect with Kareem:**
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