Myplanet Co-founder's Mantra for Success

[caption id="attachment_2033" align="aligncenter" width="434"]Tim and Jason speaking at Think Thursday last week. Tim and Jason speaking at Think Thursday last week.[/caption]

Tim Fernihough and Jason Cottrell, co-founders of Myplanet, hosted Bitmaker Lab's Think Thursday last week. MyPlanet is a startup that specializes in delivering the best of digital products and user experience. While their speeches were both engaging and insightful, what I found most interesting was Tim's notes about his personal mantra for success. His notes also provided insight into the industry, along with the struggles one has to endure in order to achieve success within a startup. For anyone who missed Think Thursday, here are a few of his insights:

  1. You need to grind it out. If you want to succeed, for some time being during the uphill battle you need to get used to being tired. Staying up later and getting up earlier than most people just to get more work done helps give you an edge; a few years down the line you will be glad you put in those extra hours.
  2. The most difficult things are the easiest to avoid, which is precisely why you would want to do them first. If you do, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you accomplish.
  3. Deliver results when making excuses is easier.
  4. You need to get used to being uncomfortable, placing your trust in others, making mistakes and basically being open to a constant influx of change
  5. Be true to yourself and believe in your cause; at the same time, know when to let go
    Inspired? I certainly was!

By Meaghan Smith, March 2014 student