Sketchnotes of the National Business and Technology Conference 2014 from Admissions Officer, Minh Ngo!

Bitmaker Labs' Admissions Officer, Minh Ngo, was on site at the National Business and Technology Conference in Toronto today, learning about tech trends, crowd funding, and entrepreneurship. For those of you that don't know, the NBTC features 400 youth leaders from across North America, who meet to share big ideas, connect with industry professionals and listen to world-class speakers. Delegates also have the opportunity to compete in the flagship Entrepreneurship Competition and Consulting Case Competition in order to earn incredible prizes.

Another thing most of you probably don't know is that Minh is an incredible Doodler. She does it to help more vividly remember information. Check out Minh's awesome sketches from the conference below!

Daniel Debow, SVP at Salesforce


Divya Narenda, founder of SumZero


If you're interested in finding out more about the NSPIRE Innovation Network, check out their website.