The Art of a Start(up): NBTC 2014 Conference Recap

Last weekend I attended the National Business and Technology Conference to glean thoughts and experiences from the movers and shakers in the startup world.

Here's a recap in sketchnotes on: Effective Crowdfunding Campaigns by Ayah Norris, Marketing and Community Manager @ Indiegogo:NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)                                                                      Divya Narenda, CEO and Co-Founder of SumZero's path to not being a doctor like his parents wanted:NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)                                                                                                                                     Thoughts on why it's an exciting time to be in tech by Daniel Debow, SVP @ Salesforce:NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)

Blair Beckwith from Shopify shared some thoughts on why he loves the micro-entrepreneur and being a part of the app ecosystem: NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)
Mic Berman, an executive coach, advisor and farmer, challenged us to think about " What you will say no to?" and how that might make or break you as a team and a company:NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)                 Seth Rosenberg of Facebook laid the groundwork for making difficult decisions:NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)                    Cameron Chell from SLYCE and Business Instincts Group sincerely asked what would happen if you asked "What if..." questions:NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)

Michael Hyatt shared his random thoughts on success.NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014):

And lastly Nitin Kawale of Cisco asked us to think about what is possible in the age of "The Internet of Everything":NBTC Sketchnote by Minh Ngo (2014)

By Minh Ngo