Pulling Back the Curtain on the ‘Magic’ of the Internet

Left-to-right: Sanborn Hilland working with fellow students Marie MacDonald and Jennifer Follero Left to right: Sanborn Hilland working with fellow students Marie MacDonald and Jennifer Follero.

While most of us use complex web applications every day, only a select few know how they work. Sanborn Hilland, a 25 year-old Bitmaker Labs student, is only a few weeks into his journey to become a web developer.

With limited experience, Sanborn was apprehensive about jumping into the 9-week immersive web development course. “Technology can be scary for older generations who haven’t grown up with it,” he said, “But, even if my generation is good at using technology, most of us don’t know how it works – it’s magic.”

Over the last week, the current cohort of Bitmaker students have been learning about the power behind moderately simple software as they each build a basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app in Ruby. Recalling the simple keyboard-only CRM he used when working at Leon’s, Sanborn shared his excitement about his time at Bitmaker so far.

“It’s crazy because I’m pulling back the curtain. What used to be totally mysterious suddenly starts to make sense – I have a framework for understanding it. When thinking back to that [CRM at Leon’s], I can now say I roughly know how it might work. I know the pieces that are involved, which is really cool.”

As they work towards building full-featured Rails applications, Sanborn and his classmates have started extending their Ruby CRM apps onto the web with the Sinatra framework. Knowing the ‘pieces’ behind the structure of an interactive website, the students are about to break into new learning territory.

“What interests me is seeing something and having no idea how it’s done,“ Sanborn said. “It’s back into mystery mode and I want to find out how that works so that I can pull back the curtain again.”

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