Technology Is Change

Ryan Edwards is a student participating in the March cohort of the Web Development Immersive program. This article was originally posted on his blog.


Change. That’s what matters. As we forge our way through the digital revolution we don’t really know where we are headed, we just know that things should work better and faster.

On our first day of learning Rails our instructor told us about the response of rails in the web development community when it bolstered it’s ability to build a blog application in 10 minutes. There were 3 main responses, a) *that’s impossible, *b) meh, not going to last and c) wait a minute there is something here. For the first 3 weeks at Bitmaker labs we’ve been introduced to something new almost everyday, just when you think you understand something, there’s another thing to learn and everything you were getting comfortable with is now different.

Change is what I am going to expect everyday for the rest of my career in web development. We now live in an unstable economy, no one knows what is happening no matter how much they try to convince you. In order to survive and thrive we must be comfortable with being uncomfortable and develop the skills to identify the who, what, where, why and how’s of change.

In the rails example, the latter group who saw something in the framework were either just lucky in their thought or used their experience to recognize the opportunity that rails was offering. When I started researching web development I came across a lot of different languages and a lot of different advice from people. I finally came to the decision to learn rails, and now that I’m here, I’m already hearing that the future of web development is in Java Script! But that’s ok, because I’m comfortable in knowing that I can adapt to that revolution, and the one after that… In the meantime, it’s all about rails and being one with change and my error codes.

By Ryan Edwards (@rysieboy)_