Lessons in Empathy and UX Design with Twenty One Toys

Think playing with toys is just for kids? Think again.

We’re excited to bring a little ‘play time’ to our User Experience Design part-time course! In the world of UX design, empathy is a core skill that guides designers – it helps you create products that your users will look forward to using. In coordination with Twenty One Toys, we are delivering an innovative approach to developing this skill.


Twenty One Toys is a Canadian company that successfully managed to get its Kickstarter campaign funded for $52,000, well surpassing its original goal of $45,000. The team at Twenty One Toys believes that toys help people hone their creative and critical thinking skills, which isn’t just child’s play. At the heart of it all is empathy, a skill often overlooked in education.

That’s about to change. It’s not easy to build empathy by looking at a computer screen or reading a textbook. Instead, it emerges through communication and compassion – the very essence of ‘play.’ We’re committed to helping our students develop this crucial soft skill that web designers require.


We’re thrilled to bring Twenty One Toys into our User Experience Design classroom. Check out more info on our User Experience Design course, which is now accepting Earl Bird applicants for our Early 2015 cohort. If you’re interested, you can get your own toy set from Twenty One Toys for just $90.