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I am excited to announce that Bitmaker is launching a new workshop series! Our goal has always been to bring more people into the Toronto tech community by creating opportunities for learning and connecting. Our workshops will extend our mission by providing even more impactful and diverse practical education opportunities.

Our Story

Since Bitmaker was founded in 2012, we’ve had a vision to deliver accelerated market-driven tech education taught by leading industry experts. The idea, simple (and threatening?) as it may seem, was to build a curriculum teaching the most in-demand skills by experienced practitioners.

Consider where traditional education leaves someone and where today’s workplace begins - the practical skill gap so many graduates experience is why Bitmaker exists. We are defined by the outcomes of our students. I am proud to report that we are on pace to graduate our 1,000th student before the end of 2015 and that over 90% of our job-seeking full-time students have successfully launched the next phase of their careers.

We haven’t stopped evolving to meet market demand. Beginning with a single Web Development course, we now offer a wide variety of full- and part-time courses. We’ve added User Experience Design, Mobile Development, Ad Optimization, and several others with even more launching later this year.

Over this time period, we have established deep relationships to innovators, creators, and some truly special people working in all kinds of industries.

Bitmaker Workshops

It is in this spirit that we are launching our workshop series. Tech permeates across almost every industry. It’s funny, I can still remember when the popular rhetoric was that social media was a fad and didn’t matter in business. I see the same thing happening with User Experience Design today. Yet, more and more people are realizing just how vital this is to succeed as a modern business.

We are launching our new workshops because we want to give a platform to individuals who are working on a variety of in-demand subjects. Toronto is a big city, but from an entrepreneur’s or a creative’s perspective, it can often feel siloed – a cluster of different activities and voices operating in seclusion.

As the leading tech education provider, we want to help bring this community together. Our aim is to give voices to new ideas, connect people across different industries, and enable anyone to learn practical skills. We want to play a role in making Toronto a thriving and vibrant ecosystem.

We’re excited to kickstart this initiative with a workshop on July 6th - 6:30pm about one of the most disruptive companies in the world - Uber. Our friend Lucas Samuels of Uber, will walk us through the history of the company, its origins in Canada, and take us through some case studies on the marketing tactics that have fuelled the company's incredible rise.

We hope this workshop and those that follow will inspire you with new ideas, new perspectives, and empower you to connect to an exciting community of makers and creators.


Craig Hunter

Full lineup:

  • How Uber is taking over the world (July 6th - 6:30pm)
    Lucas Samuels, Uber
  • How I raised $1 million to launch my startup (in Canada) and how you can too (July 9th - 6:30pm)
    Marie Chevrier, Sampler – Michelle McBane, MaRS
  • Hacking Growth (July 16th - 6:30pm)
    Philip La, Figure 1
  • Bitcoin: Your first $5 (July 23rd - 6:30pm)
    Michael Perklin, Bitcoin Alliance of Canada
  • Startup Zen: Founding & Financing Your Early Stage Venture (July 30th - 6:30pm)
    James Smith, LaBarge Weinstein

Up-to-date workshop schedule

Next Workshop:

Hacking Growth (July 16th - 6:30pm)
What does growth hacking mean? How do you get more users? Learn the growth strategies used by biggest tech companies. Get your ticket!

Philip La, Figure 1

Coming soon:
  • Bitcoin: Your first $5 (July 23rd - 6:30pm)
    Michael Perklin, Bitcoin Alliance of Canada
  • Startup Zen: Founding & Financing Your Early Stage Venture (July 30th - 6:30pm)
    James Smith, LaBarge Weinstein