Rolling out our workshops with Uber & Raising the Roof

Kicking off the Uber workshop with a packed house!

Last night we kicked off our new workshop series that connects tech enthusiasts directly to Canada's thought leaders. Our first workshop hosted by Lucas Samuels, Senior Marketing Manager at Uber, delivered some great marketing insights to a sold out crowd.

From ice cream trucks to sky writing at the press of a button, Lucas gave a unique inside look at Uber's launch in Canada and history of marketing stunts. Thanks again to Lucas for giving the first #BitmakerWorkshop some amazing 411.

Supporting a good cause

We're also very excited to announce that 50% of ticket sales will be donated to Raising the Roof, an Uber Canada charity partner. Raising the Roof provides national leadership on long-term solutions to homelessness through partnership and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, investment in local communities, and public education.

4 Key tips from Lucas

Miss the workshop? Fear not. We've got your back! Lucas gave out some great advice, but we've picked 4 to highlight:

  1. Don't make me scroll
    We’re all busy and our inboxes are pretty much always flooded. With this thought in mind, Uber really only has one rule when it comes to sending emails - never make them scroll. Be concise and get your message across in as little words as possible. Lucas also shared that Uber always ties their emails to timely events (like Valentine’s or Canada Day) to keep them relevant and interesting.

  2. Follow your gut, but trust the numbers
    We all know that Uber has done some pretty crazy marketing stunts in the past, but it might be hard to see the ROI of offering skywriting on demand or getting deadmau5 to drive on uberX. Lucas explained that Uber loves considering new ideas, but the ones that move forward have the stats to back them up.

  3. Your users are your best marketers
    This was a big one. Lucas really encourages empowering your users to easily spread the word about what you do. Uber did this in the early days by offering users free rides every time they shared the service with a friend. Plus, they made this super simple for people to do through the app, on social media and with discount codes. Word of mouth goes a long way when you give it a boost!

  4. You're better together
    Uber is all about making partnerships to further the brand and solidify it’s place in the market. It also helps to differentiate the product by getting a leg up on competitors. Lucas pointed to partnerships with companies like Loblaws, Rogers and Spotify which not only enrich the user experience, but also help the company reach new users.

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