On the Cutting-Edge with iOS 9: 3D Touch & tvOS

Have you upgraded to iOS 9 yet? Though the release is not without its hiccups, the latest mobile update from Apple is chock-full of new features. Since Apple’s September 9th Keynote we’ve been excited and ready for a revolution in user experience coming to iOS.

We’ve been tinkering with iOS 9 betas and watchOS 2 in the course following WWDC, but with the announcement of the iPhone 6S and new AppleTV, there’s even more to bring into upcoming Mobile Development sessions.

The new headline features are 3D Touch and tvOS. Exclusive to the iPhone 6S, 3D Touch is a new touch technology that measures not just what you touch, but how hard you press. Apple’s tvOS brings native apps and games to its television accessory, proclaiming “The future of TV is apps.”

Both features will play an important role in our course. When watchOS debuted, we showed our students how to build their app experiences for the new platform. Thanks to a seamless development experience across platforms in Xcode, we’ll also bring tvOS app creation into our course!

3D Touch may bring the most significant user experience change to the iPhone since its release in 2007. A lot of commentary has compared 3D Touch to right-click on a PC, but Bitmaker Lead Instructor Kwame Bryan sees it as a bigger change:

Not only does 3D Touch add a ‘new gesture’ to iPhones, it removes the need for the Hamburger menu – a design pattern shunned by Apple. 3D Touch brings in a new dimension of interaction, with tons of potential.

It’s a deeper connection with our content and devices. It's a deep link into the content of our applications. I’m excited to see what developers, content creators, and our students can create.

Bringing these new features to our students as soon as possible is so important with the fast pace of changes in the iOS ecosystem. We’re excited to see where it goes next!

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