Our Brand

Earlier this year, we set out to bring our brand up-to-speed with the direction of Bitmaker. As with all brand undertakings, it took us a while to get to a point where we were truly happy. Today, we’re very excited to share an overview of our new brand ahead of our site relaunch next week.

Why make a change?

Since Bitmaker was founded, it has changed a lot. When our original brand was commissioned, Bitmaker was a single course bootcamp. Since then, it has expanded to offer part-time courses and add more topics from design to marketing.

Our existing logo was designed for a code bootcamp. We don’t think that description encompases Bitmaker any more.

What is Bitmaker now?

Whenever we think about offering a new course, we research what the market needs. We like to call our education approach market-driven education because our courses target job markets with far more openings than skilled workers to fill them. It also is market-driven because these are the new careers that people really want.

We’re also very outcome-driven because we don’t give out a piece of paper for completing our programs. Most of those who join our immersive programs want to start a career or launch a business. Most of those in our part-time programs want new skills to open new doors. These are the outcomes that matter to our students and we are responsible to enable – and if your goal is different, we’re flexible for you.

We’ve worked hard to concisely answer the question, “What is Bitmaker?”

Bitmaker is Canada’s leading tech skills accelerator. Startup accelerators launch companies. We launch careers. It starts by surrounding you with a cohort of highly-motivated, entrepreneurial learners and a team of tech industry leaders. Then we teach you the skills top companies are looking for and give you the confidence and support you need to grow long after your course is over.

In the right environment, anything is possible.

Our new visual identity

When we set out to create the new visual identity, our primary goal was to make sure it was inviting to everyone. Whether you come to Bitmaker to learn about code, design, or business, we want our logo to be something you are proud to wear.

This is the new Bitmaker logo:

Standing on its own, we wanted the logo glyph to be clear and suggest the accelerated style of our programs. For our wordmark, we settled on switching to title case, which is always a bit more friendly and approachable. We’ll be sharing even more in the coming weeks!

To our alumni

First, to any alumni who haven't received Bitmaker swag because of the brand transition: we’ll be reaching out! We’ve got plenty of new swag on hand now.

We owe you guys everything. While we were your launchpad and helped you get off the ground, your amazing work in the real world is why Bitmaker has such a great reputation. We’ve got some amazing alumni-focused events coming your way, including a community relaunch party on November 26. We promise we’ve got some exciting news for you in the coming months.


The Bitmaker Team