OMERS @ Bitmaker – Fireside chat

Interested in venture capital and the innovation economy? Next week we're hosting a fireside chat with Jim Orlando, Managing Director of OMERS Ventures. He's responsible for some of OMERS Ventures' most significant investments, including WattPad, Shopify, and Ravanous.

Jim's colleague John Ruffolo (CEO, OMERs) recently made headlines with his op-ed A Single Voice for the Startup Community – explaining the need for the community to unite around one clear voice in order to meaningfully partner with the government. The firm was also featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal for its recent funding round. OMERS Ventures raised an astonishing $260 million in this round, moving closer to its goal of securing $1 billion in venture capital.

Our conversation with Jim is particularly timely as the Canadian federal election approaches. The startup community has been getting more attention this election cycle, with a publicized exchange between candidate Tom Mulcair (NDP) and CEOs Tobi Lutke (Shopify) and Ryan Holmes (Hootsuite) over the proposed taxation of stock options. Mulcair responded quickly to criticism that he may stifle innovation, assuring that his policy would not target startups.

We'll be discussing this and much more in our fireside chat this Thursday:

  1. What is OMERS Ventures and what's its story?
  2. What does the startup community want from the government? What election issues matter to this community?
  3. What sets Canada apart in a global context?
  4. How can we grow an innovation economy?

About OMERS Ventures
OMERS Ventures isn't your typical VC firm. It's made a name for itself by making direct investments in startups – a risky tactic that can pay off big time. OMERS Ventures has backed some of the most well-known Canadian startups, including Hootsuite, Shopify, and Wattpad... just to name a few. We're excited to hear first-hand from one of the biggest influencers on innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada.

Fireside chat

Hear from a leading voice in Canadian venture capital!
Jim Orlando, Managing Director of OMERS Ventures

Save your spot for Oct 8 at 6:30pm