#MeetYourMakers – Demo Day!

Last Tuesday, alumni and the Toronto tech community packed our classroom for Meet Your Makers demo night! At the end of an intense nine weeks, our newly-minted alumni showcased their passion project apps, putting their new skills on display.

We had the chance to chat with a few alumni about their projects right after they showed off their work.

Cat Reyto presented her iOS app, Catfolio

Cat (@catreyto), an iOS bootcamp grad, created Catfolio to motivate herself to share her visual art. She’s an illustrator and finds existing portfolio platforms inadequate. Image interaction is the focal point of her app. Swiping left shows you the next image in the collection, swiping right adds the image to your favourites. If an image is particularly intriguing, you can learn the story behind the art by tapping on it.

When asked about her nine-week experience with Bitmaker’s Mobile Development course, Cat grinned and said, “I exercised a type of learning that I hadn’t used in a long time.”

Homegrown is a Rails app created by Irwin Chan, Ruby Li, Daniel Pereira, and Carlos Zhao

Blasting through the last two weeks of the course, a group of four students created Homegrown: a fully responsive, garden-bounty marketplace. Like a specialized eBay or Kijiji, it targets anyone who wants to trade or sell produce they grew in their personal gardens.

How did the Homegrown team feel after presenting? “It was easy! The stress was in completing the project itself,” said Daniel (@thecoderogue), “All throughout, though, we’ve remained a great team.”

Irwin (@ winIrChan) expressed relief, saying that you get what you put into the bootcamp. “It’s been a lot of work and the instructors have been great – they really helped us achieve our goals.”

Congratulations to everyone who finished a Bitmaker course in October – we think you’re all going to do great things!