Successfully funded: How I raised over $1M in Kickstarter pledges

Nick Petty cares a lot about his product. It solved a real problem for [over 2 million] cat owners, but the national Direct Response TV (DRTV) marketing approach used in its original 1990s launch needed a refresh for the digital age.

This year, the timing was right: he and his family were re-launching Luuup, a perpetual sifting tray litter box system. But it was clear that he needed good marketing, not just a good product. Nick decided that he had to learn these skills first-hand and began learning Facebook marketing at Bitmaker. Since then, Luuup has blown all other pet product Kickstarter campaigns out of the water with over $1.2 million in fundraising!

“I realized after I began speaking with ad agencies that I had no way of effectively vetting the digital marketing competency of their staff.”

Originally sold as an “As Seen on TV” product with DRTV segments driving retail sales, the first iteration of the Luuup litter box sold very well. The Petty family was the initial investor in the product then and have since taken full control over the relaunch's promotion and distribution. The biggest change? No TV spots this time around.

“I realized after I began speaking with ad agencies that I had no way of effectively vetting the digital marketing competency of their staff. I knew I needed to know how to make the right choices to ensure we were getting the best value on our campaigns.” After searching around, Nick started his journey by checking out a digital marketing workshop at Bitmaker.

He signed up for the course, but wasn’t familiar with any of the tools we teach, like Facebook Business Manager. Before long, he was grasping the basics by learning hands-on in class to drive traffic to his Kickstarter, without needing to enlist an ad agency. “The benefits of learning at Bitmaker came down to seeing just how accessible and effective online ads can be. Gaining an understanding of the fundamentals, along with a willingness to test and discover what works best for your product or service takes you a long way.”

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Congratulations to Nick and the Luuup team on your Kickstarter success! Interested in exercising your digital marketing skills? Our next Intro to Digital Marketing course begins April 6th!