Rapid Prototyping @ FITC Toronto!

FITC Toronto is fast approaching and we’re excited to be involved! Canada’s largest digital event is now in its 15th year, bringing creative fields together and uniting designers, developers, and innovators. Bitmaker instructor and Opera UX designer Dakoda Reid will be leading an all-day Rapid Prototyping workshop with Sketch and InVision on April 16th.

What’s rapid prototyping all about? If you don’t know about the UX design process or prototyping, but want to learn how it can save time and money, this workshop can be a huge help to you. Dakoda knows how critical quality prototyping can be.

Sketch and InVision are now integral tools for teams who put the user at the centre of their design process. High-fidelity tools like Photoshop have dominated the graphic production process for the last two decades, but weren’t created with an agile modern UX process in mind.

“Sketch has been built from the ground up for the sole purpose of designing user experiences. Lightness and speed are a priority,” Dakoda said. “Although most designers still pay for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, [at Opera and SurfEasy] we only use Photoshop and Illustrator for really focused tasks. ”

Prototyping is the process of creating interactive prototypes that you can use to test an early design. Choices made in the brainstorming sessions can be validated faster with actual users. At Opera and SurfEasy Dakoda and his team use InVision because it’s focused on generating app-like experiences quickly.

“[InVision] provides the ability to verify some of the assumptions we make. In an hour, you can have a thorough demo with many of the interaction you’d expect in an app. You can walk around and show people or send it across the world.”

Prototypes can also be useful when pitching your idea to stakeholders if you have no technical background. Likewise, for developers, it can be tempting to tinker with code at the start of a project before you’ve worked out the viability of your ideas. Using prototyping tools help you check your theories before you’ve invested a ton of time on the details.

Sketch and InVision have played a major role in allowing the user-centred design movement to flourish. “When I teach Bitmaker students in our UX design bootcamp, we replicate the same agile process I use with my team. These tools make it possible to iterate and create more successful products, faster.”

We’re looking forward to being amongst the industry’s brightest this weekend at FITC!

Rapid Prototyping with Sketch + InVision

Saturday, April 16th from 10:00 – 5:00pm
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