Programming 101: JavaScript Fundamentals

Date: Sat, 22 April 2017
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Cost: $149 $99

$50 off Early Bird ends on April 17!

Try out coding

Want to learn some code? Get comfortable speaking the language of web developers, hands-on! We're going to dive into a day of JavaScript to get your footing on the essential skills of programming.

In this Saturday workshop, you'll add interactivity to a responsive, interactive website, learning about variables, functions, events, and more along the way.

Before you attend

We strongly recommend that you attend one of our Intro to HTML & CSS workshops before the weekend, if you have no experience with those languages. We'll be working with some code that you'll need to understand. We'll add extra sessions of the HTML workshop in the week before Programming 101 for any last-minute attendees!

Who's this workshop for?

This is an introductory workshop for beginners who have little-to-no experience programming. If you're a non-technical founder, a creative entrepreneur, someone who works closely with developers, or you're just curious about code, this bootcamp will give you a foundation of practical know-how. Here are some common questions this workshop will answer for attendees:

  • Can I learn code? Is this a career for me?
  • What do developers do? How can I talk their language?
  • I have a business idea – how hard is it to build it out?
  • What is code? What's involved in programming?

What do I need to know or bring?

At Bitmaker, we believe you can learn tech skills best by going hands-on, so you will need to bring a laptop. If your computer can run an up-to-date version of the Google Chrome web browser, you should be all set. We have a very limited number of iMacs, if you do not have access to a laptop. Please contact us to reserve one.

Workshop schedule

Saturday (10am to 5pm)
Get into writing real code that adds logic and interactivity to web pages. Learn the key concepts that make up every programming language. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

  • Making sure your laptop is ready
  • What is Programming? What is the web and how does it all work?
  • Demo: A preview of what we will be making
  • Programming basics: defining variables, writing functions, and more (hands-on)
  • Creating interactions and updating text (hands-on)
  • Lunch
  • Adding animation (hands-on)
  • Introduction to Javascript (hands-on)

220 King St W
3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5H1K4

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Accessibility Info:
Entrance is off of King Street West, and has a short flight of stairs with railings on each side. Doors are not motorized/automatic.

The building has an elevator with a 34-inch wide doorway. The doorways to each floor are 35 inches wide.

Washrooms are available on each floor and are gendered. There are two narrow stalls in the women's washroom, and one stall and urinal in the each of the men's.

Our classroom tables on the third floor are readily moveable, whereas the table arrangement on the second floor is more fixed.

Please let us know how we can accommodate you within the confines of our space.